Sansanikhez Khulaasaa: Marketplaces Spamming Sellers | Why Spam Sellers with non-seller-y and irrelevant seller-y newsletters?

So when I signed up on eBay to sell seriously, I signed up with a new email address, to be my new business email. I had no idea what kind of these notification emails I can expect and how many. After listings were live and sales started coming in, within a week I end up creating 9 labels for various kind of mails from eBay, which also were not enough, I still had to manually label a few.

So I noticed apart from all the notifications about sold listings, new listings, payment, buyer seller messages, ended listings and claims, I was also getting the usual spam that they send to their email list of registered buyers. Soon, as I signed up with new marketplaces, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm, Shopclues & Flipkart I used the same email. And within a few days, to my very expected horror my mailbox was full of 100s of unread irrelevant emails making it impossible to find any relevant account related update mails, related to listings and support ones as I was still learning the ropes then.

I am a 0 inbox person, i.e. no mail is to be left unread unless there is action pending on that particular mail thread. I continued painfully sorting, labelling and deleting all of the garbage for as long as I could, every morning 30 mins of mailbox cleansing, it was my meditation, dont judge please. But joking aside, it was necessary otherwise it was simply impossible to work with these guys, the marketplace waaley.

One fine day, I was in a f**kall mood and decided to skip the cleansing and got straight to work, only looked for relevant subjects, from 70-90 odd mails and read 9-12 relevant ones, am sure I must have missed a few but time was in short supply and I simply could not afford to do the cleanse anymore. Today I proudly have 1400 unread mails in my Inbox and I am 100% sure I must have missed a couple of 200% critical updates which I will get to know in the form of penalties.

What is this if not unethical, I ask you marketplace waaaaaaloooon. Are you deliberately trying to make sure sellers don’t scale so that in-house companies get all the sales? Is it a part of the big evil corporate conspiracy to keep sellers the aam janta (mango population) occupied with trivial matters so that they can’t see the big picture? What do we do if not question your character??????!!!!!?????? What else can we do *sigh* :p :p

seller inbox

I still try to read some relevant ones and it is my sincere effort everyday to not let this number cross 1400. Wish me luck!

Update/Edit: Forgot to ramble about Product Ads, FlipKart and Snapdeal have pivoted to earning from those only judging from the amount of emails we the sellers are getting, the entire 2300 crore loss posted by FlipKart today will be recovered from PLAs it seems.