Gaming the Amazon System Experiment

Been selling on Amazon for a while and recently discovered a way that a seller can be cheated by a buyer (intentionally or unintentionally) but this is only if seller’s operations are not tight or efficient enough to detect this. I have not personally tested this but it may prove to be a valid hypothesis.

  1. Place 2 different orders for a single item/product, make sure the item is not Amazon Fulfilled and COD eligible so that it is delivered by ATS/Easyship only, it may or may not work for seller fulfilled orders but chances with ATS are higher.
  2. Pay for both orders and accept the items.
  3. Now raise a return request for one of the orders.
  4. When Amazon person comes for reverse pickup, handover the other parcel (for which return request is not raised)
  5. Now when the return is delivered to seller, most times amazon system or support (if seller is enrolled in runaway program) will refund you for the order for which you created a return request.
  6. When seller processes the refund they will refund for the parcel they have received.

Let me know the result if any of you decide to test this or feel free to poke holes in it :p

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