Hello world! Introductory Ramble.

Hello World, again! I couldn’t think how else to start. And I had to google the spelling of introductory (blame mobile language) for the title. Firstly, let’s talk about the elephant on the page, I know some of you may find the domain to be varying degrees of lame but it looks pretty cool to me, obviously :p

Most of you will read this post in future after one or two future posts that you have already read by this point wouldn’t have wasted your time completely. I would take comments on this post or future posts as a hint to continue writing.

Disclaimer: You may find some attempts at humor distasteful but please bear with me. You may also find some nested sentences (sentence within a sentence) so you may face serious continuity problems while reading the posts if you do not concentrate. Also, I am not an activist/fundamentalist as some posts may indicate, they are solely based on ‘thought experiments’ and following logic.

What I do: I am a techie at heart in YouStory’s words, webmaster since class 10, never could learn coding or made an effort to, but now I would like to lobby to make it a part of school curriculum, instead of a foreign language like German or French , a practice which is rampant in schools today. (This is what is rambling in case you are wondering, in these many lines I should have finished What I do)

So, What I do: In college I pretty much did nothing, just what everybody does, even less so. In 6th semester (early 2012) I started my first proper venture with my brother, GoPaisa.com which is now, I can safely say, India’s one of the biggest Cashback & Coupons website. Two and half years after we started which is by the time we had built a responsible and excellent team, I took my first trip out of Delhi so I do not believe in work life balance, work is life, life is work for a start-up Co-Founder is my philosophy, other one is good too but it just takes more time to get me from A to B. Since, I have been involved with establishing at least 2 other start-ups and working on 2 more.

I am feeling guilty of rambling too much as I write each word now, so more about what I do can be covered in future posts, also you can simply find me on LinkedIn, don’t forget to connect.

And with this blog I will attempt to explore & cover following areas:

  • Little bit of my story to better explain what I have drawn from those experiences.
  • Make easier for you, the challenges I have faced setting up my start-ups.
  • Suggest things to faceless corporations (write good & bad reviews as per experience) in Indian Internet space or sometimes other spaces that may or may not help them but will surely help majority of customers (especially me) which will ultimately help the corps.
  • Share tech and operational knowledge, about seller panels of marketplaces and various other technologies (some things you can google but will not find even with your ninja like searching skills, because they don’t exist), like things you must have already attempted to ask people associated with that co. 1-2million times, but they refused to understand what you want.
  • Point out operational inefficiencies and challenges surrounding e-industry in India, that need to be solved.
  • Basically, this blog is mostly about Feedback and venting “how I would have could have done it”. Also, life philosophies and some other stuff.




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